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Student Services

Contact Information

Phone: 301-766-2960

Fax: 301-766-2938

The Student Services Department supports students, parents and school personnel in ensuring that each student has the opportunity to mature to his or her full potential.  The Department provides comprehensive assistance to students and their families so that all students will come to school, stay in school, engage in learning and demonstrate appropriate behavior.

Student Services facilitates student enrollment, promotes regular school attendance, ensures accurate student records and helps families connect with needed community resources.

Additionally, the Student Services Department coordinates the special permission program and the homeschool/parent teaching program.  The department also facilitates home and hospital instruction for students who are ill and cannot attend school and coordinates initiatives to provide support to homeless students and families.  Student Services staff support the school-based discipline process. They investigate and make recommendations for severe disciplinary infractions and ensure due process.

Student Services initiatives also target students who are experiencing challenges that hinder academic success.  Pupil Personnel Workers (PPWs) are specialists assigned to each school to promote daily school attendance and facilitate student success.  PPWs consult with school staff, parents, and families.   They identify problems and meet with families to develop interventions, and make referrals to appropriate community resources.   PPWs are the system’s liaison to juvenile court and other community agencies.

Student Services supports the Student Support Teams (SSTs) in each school that meet regularly to develop interventions and strategies for students who are experiencing academic, behavioral, and/or attendance difficulties that interfere with school success.

The Student Services Department supports mental health through the coordination and provision of services necessary to meet the mental health needs of all students. The Coordinator of Mental Health services collaborates with mental health providers within the community to ensure access as needed. The coordinator also supports mental health services provided by school employed mental health workers.

State law and Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) policy and regulation require that all WCPS employees immediately make a report to the Washington County Department of Social Services if they suspect that a student has been the victim of abuse (physical abuse, mental injury, sexual abuse, human trafficking or neglect).

Others who suspect child abuse or neglect are also encouraged to report their suspicion to the Department of Social Services at 240.420.2222. This line is available 24 hours a day.