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Dropout Prevention/Student Intervention

Through a relationship-focused effort, the WCPS Dropout Prevention/Graduation Coaching initiative reaches out to impact the achievement of over 1,100 students throughout the county each year.

Dropout Prevention/Graduation Coaching Promotes:

  • Consistently high graduation rate
  • Consistently low dropout rate
  • Increased student attendance
  • Increased student engagement
  • Students developing a vision for their future
  • Successful student transitions: Link Crew/WEB and Freshman Summer Transition Program
  • Continuous recovery of students who have previously dropped out 

Student Intervention Specialists

Each WCPS secondary school is staffed with a Student Intervention Specialist (SIS). The SIS serves as a graduation coach whose sole purpose is to support students who face obstacles to school success and may be at-risk of dropping out.

To help students build confidence and success, Student Intervention Specialists:

  • Build relationships with students and families
  • Mentor and advocate
  • Promote student self-advocacy and engagement in school
  • Collaborate with teachers, administrators and other school staff
  • Make referral to outside resources to help strengthen students and families
  • Guide students in developing a vision for their future, by helping students to:
    • Cultivate community contacts
    • Participate in job shadowing, internships and summer employment
    • Set post-graduation goals which include advanced training, employment and further education

Who is eligible to receive the support of a Student Intervention Specialist?

Student Intervention Specialists are a critical member of the school’s Student Support Team where students struggling with school and most at-risk of dropping out are identified using data and referrals. Circumstances which may impact student success include the following issues:

  • Attendance
  • Family experiencing critical hardship (such as death in the family, change in family dynamic, poverty)
  • Multiple course failures in middle and high school
  • Family mobility (student enrolled in multiple schools over a period of time)
  • Family member dropped out

For additional information, contact the Student Support and Transition Specialist at 301-766-8902.