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Home and Hospital Teaching

The Home and Hospital Teaching program (HHT) provides short term or intermittent instruction to students who are unable to attend their regular school program due to physical or emotional conditions.

A student is eligible for full time HHT if he/she will miss a total of 15 or more consecutive days for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Physical Condition - Licensed physician or certified nurse practitioner must complete the HHT application and treatment plan.
  • Emotional/Behavioral Condition - Licensed psychiatrist, psychologist, or certified psychiatric nurse practitioner providing on-going treatment must complete the HHT application and treatment plan. 
  • Intermittent HHT - If he/she has a medical/emotional condition that requires the student to be absent, intermittently, for 1 or more days in the same school week. These conditions include but not limited to, kidney failure, cancer, asthma, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, depression and bi-polar disorder. WCPS reserves the right to re-verify with physician annually.

Initiation of Services

To be considered for HHT, parents:

  • Are responsible for obtaining the HHT application and treatment plan from the student’s home school.
  • Must have the HHT application and treatment plan completed by the appropriate care provider.
  • Sign the HHT application and submit it to the student’s school for review. 

Instructional Guidelines

  • Instruction generally occurs online. 
  • The Home/ Hospital teacher works closely with the student's HHT school contact to ensure continuity in instructional services while the student is out of school. 
  • A full time student generally receives a maximum of six hours of instruction a week. 
  • An adult 21 years or older must be present during instruction. 
  • For student’s with an Individualized Education Program (IEP), an IEP meeting will be held to determine the instructional services to be provided, the hours of instruction and to develop a plan for the students return to a school based program.   '

Program Information

HHT is subject to review after 30 calendar days; continuation of service beyond 60 calendar days requires a new treatment plan from the treating professional.

A student receiving HHT is prohibited from participating in activities such as employment, travel/vacations and/or participation with school and extracurricular activities.   

For additional information please contact the Pupil Personnel Worker for Home and Hospital Teaching at The Department of Student Services at 301-766-2955.