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The WCPS Vision:

Building a community that inspires curiosity, creativity, and achievement.


The WCPS VisionThe Washington County Board of Education (BOE) approved a new vision statement for Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) at its February 18, 2014 business meeting:

Building a community that inspires curiosity, creativity, and achievement.

The BOE and WCPS staff compiled input from Washington County community members, including students, parents, and staff of WCPS, as the school system looks to establish the new vision for public education. According to a public letter issued by BOE President Dr. Justin Hartings at the start of the process, it had been more than ten years since the BOE last developed a vision statement for WCPS. This new vision statement will guide WCPS in creating the educational experiences that students will need to thrive in a 21st Century environment.

Video: The WCPS Vision

The WCPS Mission

Washington County Public Schools, in partnership with community members, educates and enables all students to fully access opportunities afforded them in a rapidly changing, diverse, global society.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe public education is the foundation critical to a democracy.
  • We believe Washington County Public Schools is a world-class system providing equal access to educational opportunities.
  • We believe all children will learn when taught well and held to the highest expectations.
  • We believe setting high expectations for children helps them to achieve continuous improvement and to meet their full potential.
  • We believe ongoing assessment is necessary to improve student achievement.
  • We believe high expectations for staff and students will result in continuous improvement.
  • We believe self-discipline is critical to learning.
  • We believe a safe, secure, and supportive environment is essential to learning.
  • We believe education is a shared responsibility.
  • We believe a successful school system requires an involved and supportive community.
  • We believe parents must ensure that children arrive at school ready to learn.
  • We believe schools should recognize and provide for diversity by providing parents and students with choices, whenever possible.
  • We believe adults should model and promote life-long learning.
  • We believe social, emotional, and physical health are fundamental to learning.