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Special Permission

Washington County Public Schools’ regulation for student enrollment stipulates that each student shall attend the appropriate school in his or her district. However, a custodial parent/guardian may request permission for a student to attend a school in another WCPS attendance area.

Requesting Special Permission

To request special permission, the custodial parent/guardian must complete the appropriate form-either the regular Special Permission Application or Special Permission Based on Childcare. Requests may be recommended for approval by the principal  if the school has adequate local rated capacity to accommodate the pupil if the student is in good standing (academics, behavior and attendance) and if one of the following circumstances apply:

  1. There is a need for a specific academic or special program or course, which is not available in the home school attendance area.
  2. A student’s legal custodial parent/guardian is employed and the student stays with a daycare provider who resides in Washington County but outside the child’s attendance area. (Applicable only to students under the age of 13).
  3. School boundaries have been changed and a student is in the last year of a program at a particular elementary or middle school, or in the last two years of a program at a particular high school.
  4. A student whose legal custodial parent/guardian has moved from the home school attendance area during the school year (but still resides in Washington County) may be permitted to complete the school year at his/her current school. If a student is within one year of completing elementary or middle school, or two years of completing high school, this permission may be extended.
  5. A student’s family with current Washington County residency presents a bona fide plan to move into the requested school attendance area within 90 days of the original request for special permission. Bona fide plans include:
    • Contract with completion or “move in” date specified.
    • For Rentals, a signed contract or lease, with “move in” date specified. 
  6. A student will be entering grade 11 or 12 of a high school, grade 8 of a middle school or grade 5 of an elementary school where he or she have been previously enrolled and attending.
  7. A significant hardship is determined to exist by the principal and/or Supervisor of Student Services.

Special Permission Process

  • The application must be submitted between February 1 and May 1 of the current school year for the following school year (unless there is a verified change in circumstances).
  • Recommendation will be rendered by the principal on or before May 30.
  • Special permission application that includes the principal’s recommendation will be forwarded to the Department of Student Services for final decision.
  • Requests shall be granted on a one-year basis.
  • Transportation will be the responsibility of the custodial parent/guardian(s).
  • Written notification of the decision will be sent to the applicant.
  • An appeal in writing should be submitted to the Department of Student Services within 5 days of receipt of denial notification.