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Erin Speak

Erin Speak

Mrs. Erin Speak grew up in Baltimore. She graduated from Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania in 1997 with a BS in Mathematics and minor in Music. She spent 8 years teaching in Baltimore, where she directed theater and coached tennis. In 2005, she decided she needed to be closer to the mountains and moved to Hagerstown. She taught at South Hagerstown for 4 years, where she also coached tennis. During her stay there, she also was very excited to begin working on a curriculum writing committee for BISFA. She was very excited to be selected to help open the school in 2009 and has taught here every since. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and camping with her husband. She also loves to bake, work in her garden, and take yoga classes.

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I am extremely excited to begin the school year at Barbara Ingram School for the Arts.  After graduating from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), I began my education career teaching mathematics in Howard County Public Schools for three years and then in Frederick County Public Schools for one year.  After my first four years of teaching, I made the decision to continue teaching in Washington County Public Schools at North Hagerstown High School where I taught for three years and also completed my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and Secondary Mathematics from Shepherd University.  I then had the opportunity to work at the Central Office as the Curriculum and Instruction Specialist for High School Mathematics and greatly appreciated all of the knowledge and experience that I gained throughout these five years.  During this time I completed the Educational Leadership program and obtained my Administration certification through Hood College.  I missed being in a school with students which led me to Williamsport High School where I worked as a lead teacher for two and a half years and then returned to the classroom to teach math again for another two and a half years.  The past three years I was at South Hagerstown High School both as a classroom teacher and as a lead math support teacher. 

Along with all of my teaching experience, I also have a strong passion for dance which makes Barbara Ingram School for the Arts a perfect fit for me.  I took my first dance class when I was four and a half years old and fell in love.  I am trained in ballet, tap, jazz and added various other styles throughout the subsequent years.  I was also a cheerleader in high school and on the dance team during my four years at UMBC which led me to coach cheerleading for five years at Williamsport High School and at South Hagerstown High School.  I am a certified Zumba/dance fitness instructor and have been teaching dance classes at various gyms since 2014.  I’m also a certified personal trainer and have a strong interest in health and wellness. 

Besides teaching and dancing, I enjoy nature, specifically hiking and gardening, traveling, cooking, reading, anything fitness related, and am a doting aunt of three.