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Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment: May 2022

Plan Year: July 1-June 30

WCPS is pleased to continue offering you a comprehensive and affordable health care package. Your Health Care Committee, comprised of A&S, WCESP, WCTA, and WCPS members, works diligently reviewing plans and programs, to recommend improvements while keeping premiums at a minimal cost.

Open Enrollment is a time when you may make any change your benefit elections.  Outside of this time, you can only make a change to benefit elections after experiencing a Qualifying Event.

Compliance with Section 125 of the IRS code requires WCPS to follow specific rules regarding timeframes for changes in enrollment.

Annual Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is being held from May 3, 2022-May 19, 2022.  During this time period, you may make changes to your benefit elections, such as adding or removing a dependent without a qualifying reason. If you add a spouse, you will need to send a copy of your marriage certificate to the Benefits Office.  If you add a dependent child, you will need to send a copy of the birth certificate. Any change you make takes effect July 1, 2022 and remains in place for the entire plan year if you pay the premiums and are eligible.

Currently there are no plans to increase premiums for medical/prescription, dental, or vision.  You can review the rate sheet on the right. 

When you are ready, log into Employee Self Service at the link to the right and click on the Benefits tab.  Follow the instructions to make your elections. 

If you have questions, please contact us at 301-766-2810 OR [email protected].

Qualifying Events

Coverage elections made at Open Enrollment cannot be changed until the next annual Open Enrollment period. The only exception to this IRS Section 125 Rule is if you experience a “Qualifying Event.” A Qualifying Event allows you to make a change to your benefit elections within 31 days of the event. Examples of Qualifying Events include, but are not limited to:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Birth, adoption, or legal custody of a dependent child
  • Involuntary loss of other group insurance coverage
  • Death

To Report A Qualifying Event

Log into ESS/Benefits and ‘Report a Life Event’, link in the top right corner.  We will contact you when you’re able to change your elections.  Submit all required documents to the Benefits Office within 31 days of the event.