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Pension Plan - Maryland State Retirement & Pension System

As the core retirement plan, employees are mandatorily enrolled (some exceptions apply) into either the Maryland State Teacher or Employee Pension system. Employees contribute 7% of their pre-tax earnings into the plan. For more information or forms, the Retirement Agency website is listed under Links to the right of this page.

Supplemental Retirement Program

Employees are also provided the opportunity to participate in a 403(b) or 457(b) supplemental retirement savings plan to augment the pension plan. Employee contributions of their choice are withheld from pay on a pre-tax basis. WCPS works with four investment providers to offer 403(b) programs and one investment provider with the 457(b) plan.  

Take time to review the Comparison Chart under Documents to the right of this page to choose which supplemental plan is best for you. You can enroll in an account or with a new company using the Quick Enroll on the right, OR by following the instructions at Enrolling/Logging into ART’.  Please note, MetLife does not participate in Quick Enroll. To enroll with them, you need to use the other method.  

403(b) and 457 plan Vendor representatives

Equitable (formerly AXA)

Matthew Misiaszek      [email protected]       410-707-5577

Trey Book                     [email protected]                      410-322-5575


Pamela Thayer             [email protected]        301-242-3304
Daniel Norris                 [email protected]        301-733-3733

PlanMember Services

Click here to meet the PlanMember team! 

Mike Whaley                 [email protected]            443-283-3482
Toni Whaley                   [email protected]             443-283-3482
Keith Prather                 [email protected]             301-662-5382
Jared Ford                     [email protected]                   443-283-3482


Alicia Kong                    [email protected]                       301-792-1086

Mohammad Amer         [email protected]            240-500-5000

Click here for Alicia Kong Financial's website.  

a portrait of Alicia Kong financial advisor