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Life Insurance

WCPS provides employees with various levels of employer-paid and employee-paid life insurance coverage. 


WCPS offers a variety of life insurances to fit the needs of you and your family provided by The Standard. Some of the premiums for these insurances are fully paid by WCPS and some are employee paid.

For full time employees, WCPS pays for 1 time your annual salary in Basic Life Insurance and Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment. Part time employees may purchase this level of coverage.

Full and Part time employees may purchase Supplemental Life and Voluntary AD&D insurance in addition to the company-provided coverage. You may also purchase life insurance for your dependents.

During your initial 31-day eligibility period, you may elect Supplemental Life insurance without providing evidence of insurability (EOI).

To determine the cost of Supplemental Life, use the calculator to the right.

Be sure to complete the Beneficiary Form and submit to the Benefits Office to keep this information up to date.

a chart depicting values of life insurance products.