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Academic Clubs

Class Advisors

  • Class of 2022: Kevin Alden & Tahnee Haupt
  • Class of 2021: Stephen Schawalder & Kathy Pepper
  • Class of 2020: Melissa Cullers & Lori Block 

Music & Arts



Extracurricular activities are an integral aspect of school life and are a means of developing knowledge, positive attitudes, sportsmanship, and effective human relation skills.  Extracurricular activities are defined as activities that generally occur after the school day is completed and include, but are not limited to, athletics, band, cheerleading, clubs, and plays. While these activities require as much time, careful planning, and supervision as academic subjects, the purpose of extracurricular activities is to enhance and extend student learning and experiences beyond the academic courses offered in the school.

As per County Policy, students are expected to be present in school all day on the day of an extra-curricular activity in order to participate.  Additionally, students must be on time for school all day the day following an extra-curricular activity in order to participate in the next scheduled event.