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Our Mission

Clear Spring High School recognizes its obligation to provide a disciplined, safe, and secure environment in which students develop unique capabilities to their fullest potential.  The staff is committed to empower each student to be a productive, functioning member of the community and society.

Our Vision

Education is vital if one is to survive and succeed in today's diverse and ever-changing society.  To this end, Clear Spring High School provides a variety of learning opportunities to develop critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving, conceptual understanding, creativity, self-needs, and special interests.  All students are encouraged to develop to the best of their abilities.  Teachers encourage and help students develop self-discipline, as well as, high, yet realistic expectations for achievement.  Our primary concern is students and their success.

The school recognizes its responsibility in preparing students to assume a role in society as part of the community.  We also recognize our responsibility to instill and uphold values and principles of good citizenship, ethical behavior, patriotism, mutual respect, law and order, and the dignity of honest labor that are part of our American heritage and tradition.  Equally important is an understanding and appreciation of the cultural and ethnic diversity that has made our nation great.  In an ever-shrinking world community, students need to recognize that these values and principles transcend the limitations of local, regional, and national boundaries.

Clear Spring High School recognizes the need for effective communication within the community and the need to share services and resources that will benefit students.  The home, school, and community share responsibility for teaching and serving as an example of the accepted values of society.  Cooperative parental and community involvement and support in the education of students is essential to ensure that the school accomplishes its mission.

School Statistics

  • Grades:  9-12
  • Enrollment:  514 (11/18/15)
  • State Rated Capacity:  574 (5/1/09)
  • Date of Construction:  1974
  • Latest Renovation:  2015
  • Size of Building:  101,662 sq. feet