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Student Government Association

Advisors: Karri Ernst, Matt Kinman, Robin Papa, & Jason Stauch

We, the dedicated members of the 2017-2018 Student Council of Clear Spring High School will commit ourselves and challenge each other in the following ways:

  • To encourage and create student enthusiasm in school activities
  • To be a contributing voice in our school. To be a visible and approachable outlet for the students
  • To unite the student body for a common purpose of equality, fairness, and respect
  • To exemplify our beliefs and live our mission statement in every student interaction

By accomplishing all of the above, we will enhance our success and establish a foundation of duty, honor, and respect at Clear Spring High School.


  • President - 
  • Vice President - 
  • Secretary - 
  • Treasurer - 
  • Chaplain - 


  • Spirit weeks
  • Homecoming dance
  • Powderpuff game
  • Pep rallies
  • Blood drives
  • Community outreach
  • Leadership conferences
  • Public speaking activities


  • 3rd Tuesday of the month during Blazer Block