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Academy of Blended Learning Education (ABLE)

Contact Information

Address: 23 Funkstown Rd, Hagerstown, MD 21740  [ Map / Directions ]

Phone: 301-766-8162

Email: [email protected]

About Academy of Blended Learning Education (ABLE)


Jennifer Bausman


301-766-8162 Main
301-766-8166 Counselor


ABLE welcomes students in 1st grade through 12th grade. To be successful as a blended learner, students should be self-motivated to direct their own learning and have consistent attendance patterns. These students display a level of maturity needed to collaborate with a teacher. Students must be able to meet syllabus timelines and be willing to ask for help or clarification as needed.


  • Maintain 95% daily attendance in all classes (live instruction, Monday-Friday)
  • Must have cameras on with entire face visible during all class time
  • Must respond to teachers during class
  • May have a blurred background on Google Meet
  • Actively participate in classes every day by collaborating and communicating with peers
  • Remain logged into class for the entire class period
  • Check Google Classroom and WCPS email dailyWCPS provides highly qualified teachers, access to curriculum, a WCPS owned device, extracurricular activities, and free and appropriate education
  • Log into classes using only WCPS devices and use WCPS devices as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy
  • Attend mandatory state and local testing in person at ABLE
  • Follow all WCPS policies and procedures including the WCPS Code of Conduct
  • Contact teacher if additional support is needed
  • Be fully dressed and in an appropriate, quiet space for all classes


  • Ensure that WCPS has updated parent phone numbers and email addresses
  • Provide reliable internet that can be used for multiple hours each day
  • Ensure that students are on time to classes and attend regularly
  • Refrain from interrupting classes or addressing teachers during class
  • Ensure student materials are picked-up on monthly material exchange days at ABLE
  • Provide transportation for students to attend mandatory state and local testing in person at ABLE
  • Provide student with a quiet space with limited distractions for class
  • Communicate with teachers
  • Check students’ progress regularly in Google Classroom and ParentVue
  • Provide a parent note if your child is sick or unable to attend class (see student handbook)