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Williamsport Elementary, Northern Middle, North Hagerstown High:

Parents/legal guardians may register their child online as part of a pilot program. Parents/legal guardians may also register their child in-person at the school. To register online, click here.

Registration is a four-step process: 


Age Verification
A child must be at least five (5) years old by September 1st and under 21 on the first day of school. 

  • Documents required: Birth verification document such as a birth certificate

Proof of Residency
A child must live in Washington County with a parent/legal guardian. The child will be enrolled at a school based on the home address. Use our Interactive School District Map to locate the school serving the home address. 

Acceptable Residency Documents (dated within three (3) months of enrollment):

  • Lease or mortgage statement
  • Utility bill (water, sewer, gas, electric, oil)
  • Real estate bill
  • ​Deed or Title document

All documents must include: 

  • Parent/legal guardian's name
  • Address
  • Date

Additional Requirements: 

  • Shared Housing: Families living in shared housing require a notarized Parent Residency Affidavit Multi-Family Disclosure Form. The primary resident or property owner must provide acceptable residency verification dated within three (3) months of enrollment, and it needs to be updated annually. To view this form, click here
  • Homelessness: Families experiencing homelessness need to complete a Student in Transition Enrollment Form. For more information, visit WCPS Homeless Education
  • Foster Care: For students placed in court-ordered foster care, a WCPS Foster Care Form must be completed and submitted to the school with the court order. 


To ensure your child's health and safety, WCPS requires the following documents at enrollment. 

  • Immunization Records: A computerized printout from your child's doctor's office is acceptable. 
  • Physical Examination Record: Evidence of a physical should be provided within a nine (9)-month period before the child enters school OR within a six (6)-month period after entering school. 
  • Blood Lead Testing Certificate (For Pre-K, K, and first grade)

    Forms are available at the schools or click these links to download: Immunization, Physical Examination, Blood Lead Testing Certificate, Special Dietary Needs (as needed).

Step 3: Gather Documentation

  • Verification of student's age (5 to 21) 
  • Proof of residency
  • Physical examinations and immunization records
  • Photo ID of person enrolling student and relationship to student

step 4: Register sTUDENT

Verification of both the identity, and if applicable the custody arrangements, of the person enrolling the student are necessary when registering a student with WCPS. This helps ensure we are enrolling the student with an authorized individual. 

  • Verification of Identity: Enrolling parent/legal guardian (with legal custody) must be physically present and show valid photo identification. 
  • Verification of Custody (if applicable): Only a custodial parent or court-appointed legal guardian can enroll a student in WCPS. Legal custody documentation is required. 

Documents Accepted: Legal court documentation pertaining to custody must be provided at the time of enrollment. 

Documents NOT Accepted: Notarized statements solely indicating a transfer of custody. 

Documents Required for Pending Custody Changes: 

  1. Completed Complaint for Custody Form (DR4)
  2. Petition/Motion to Modify Custody Form (DR7) with time and date stamp
  3. Filing Fee Payment Receipt
  4. Answer to Complaint Form (DR50) with time and date stamp showing consent to the custody action

All registration and supporting documents must be submitted in person at the student's designated school. To find your school, use our Interactive School District Map

To see more information about each school, click the link below with the corresponding grade level of the student to be enrolled.
Elementary School
Middle School
High School

Additional resources/information

WCPS Student Enrollment Forms
See resources regarding Pre-K & Kindergarten Registration


Please contact the Department of Student Services by calling 301-766-2960.