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Computer Game Development & Animation

​​The Computer Game Development and Animation department in the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts offers every major component of developing a video game or creating an animation, including concept development and marketing strategies. The program offers students the opportunity to get a broad understanding of each of four tracks: Development, Sound Design, Digital Art, and 3D Modelling, all of which will collaborate to create class games and animations. As students progress, they will have the opportunity to dive deeper into each of these areas:
·  Developers will take on independent projects using programs like Blender and Unity
·  Sound Designers will write scores and soundtracks using programs like FL Studio and Logic Pro
·  Digital Artists will create  drawings and animations, using programs like Photoshop and SynFig Studio
·  3D Modelers will form and rig models of places and people, using programs like Maya

Computer Game Development & Animation


Keon Billings