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Photography & Cinematography

Photography & Cinematography


The Photography and Cinematography program (Digital Communications) at Barbara Ingram School for the Arts prepares and develops well rounded artists that are experienced in the field of photography and cinematography. In this program, students will gain in depth experience, master tools  and think creatively to solve complex visual problems. If you love taking photographs or making videos, this could be the right program for you!
Coursework will help prepare students to become college or career ready in either field. Course content includes exploring the foundations of art and creativity, the study of art history, the operation of camera equipment, programs appropriate to the field of photography and cinematography, artistic intent and communication, and project and idea development. Students are eligible to receive a certification in either Photoshop or Premiere Pro at the end of their Senior year.


Photography & Cinematography Level I (Freshman & Sophomore Year)


Intro to Photographic Concepts 

This foundation course focuses on the art of digital photography and provides an overview of the creative media industry. Students demonstrate competencies that include being well-rounded artists and professionals, creative problem-solving skills, camera mechanics, rules of composition, copyright laws plus numerous other topics related to the art of digital photography. Students will explore the workspace and functions of Photoshop and Lightroom. Available at BISFA.


Cinematography and Film Production

This course is designed to immerse students in the field of cinematography and film production. Topics include camera equipment, exposure, frame rate, resolution, file types, copyright for music and stock footage, camera operation and movement, recording and syncing audio, the moving image as art, the art of story creation and scriptwriting for film. Students create short films individually and as teams while practicing soft skills important to the career field. Students will explore the workspace and functions of Premiere. Available at BISFA. Prerequisite: Intro to Photographic Concepts


Photography & Cinematography Level II (Junior & Senior Year)


Advanced Photography and Cinematography 


This course allows students an in-depth exploration of digital photography and cinematography. Students will learn the steps needed to prepare a client file or prepare a photography or film for display. More photographic topics will be explored such as deconstructing the photograph, environmentally concerned photography, social documentary photography, creativity strategies and color photography. Students will focus on creating several short films with given prompts or development of their own personal ideas. Preparation for portfolios begins for college and career recruitment. Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere techniques will progress. CTE Pathway Concentrator Course. Available at BISFA. Prerequisite: Photography and Cinematography I


Photography and Cinematography Capstone


Students will complete a program-related capstone project by using personal video or photographic work for portfolio development. Other video topics include documentary and narrative filmmaking, creative lighting in cinematography, video as art, sound design for films, film marketing, and creating LUTS and color grades. Photographic work will include large-scale photography, contemporary use of photography, socially engaged photography, professional strategies as a photographer and presenting photographic work. The Capstone project will be presented to a panel that will include industry personnel, administration, and post high school educators. Students will be made aware of the importance of workplace etiquette, proper use of social media, and networking. CTE Pathway Completer Course. Available at BISFA. Prerequisite: Photography and Cinematography II





KGKristen Green



Kristen Green is a Washington County native and graduate of North Hagerstown High. Mrs. Green has attended the Maryland Institute College of Art, Towson University and later earned her M.ED. at Wilson College. Photography is her main artistic medium but she also loves to work and experiment with film as well.


Mrs. Green continues to have a camera in hand daily and also runs her own business. However, her greatest passion is teaching and seeing her students build, grow and succeed. Mrs. Green had taught at Boonsboro and North Hagerstown High before bringing the Digital Communications Program to Barbara Ingram. Teaching has proven to be one of the most fulfilling and enlightening experiences of her life and she feels so honored to get to do it here in Washington County.