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Williamsport Elementary

Contact Information

Address: 1 South Clifton Drive, Williamsport, MD 21795  [ Map / Directions ]

Phone: 301-766-8415

Fax: 301-766-8711


Rhonda Smith, Principal Elementary
Austin Gray, Asst Principal Elementary

About Williamsport Elementary

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Magnet Program for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

At Williamsport Elementary the belief is that students achieve higher levels of success through STEM-centric learning.  Students explore the impact of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) on the individual experience and learning process.  A particular emphasis is placed on creative problem solving experiences in math and science.  Students with special aptitudes for and interests in math, science, and technology will enjoy this program. Magnet students build individual strengths and talents as they work through the curriculum at an accelerated pace that is one to two years above grade level in terms of breadth and/or depth. Students at WES will engage in in-depth experiences with the Engineering Design Process.  In whole group or small experiences, students will explore a question from its beginning to the final conclusion.  They will engage in themed cross-grade level STEM activities that will give them the opportunities to explore STEM in different fields.  Through this, students will learn and build upon each other’s ideas, and engage in activities that require them to use the Engineering Design Process.  All students are expected to complete summer assignments, which “frontload” content and allow magnet teachers to increase the depth of unit exploration throughout the school year. Grade five students will engage in a Capstone Project that will begin the summer after their fourth grade year and end in late April. Regular school-based and campus-wide S.T.E.M. activities are planned; various technologies, such as iPads, science probes (temperature, light, electricity, and sound) and Lego EV3s/Spheros are utilized regularly. Students work collaboratively to become lifelong caretakers of Earth as they work within this “Green School” to conserve energy and water, reduce pollution and solid waste, and protect local habitats.  At Williamsport Elementary school we challenge all students to become lifelong learners through STEM.

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