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High School Social Studies

The High School Social Studies curriculum emphasizes instruction in Maryland’s core learning goals for Social Studies - History, Geography, Economics, Political Systems and Peoples and Nations of the World. The WCPS curriculum is built on the foundations of Maryland’s State Curriculum. Teachers utilize reading, discussion, writing and participation in various Social Studies skillsets, such as collaborative problem solving, visual discovery and experiential activities in order to challenge and engage students while increasing their understanding of history, politics, geography, economics and culture.

Social Studies instruction is founded in a common philosophy guided by district-wide PreK-12 Transfer Goals:

  • Transfer Goal 1: Formulate investigations using multiple sources of information to address a question, form an opinion, or to solve a problem.
  • Transfer Goal 2: Apply the relevance of historical lessons to a given situation, problem, or challenge.
  • Transfer Goal 3:Apply knowledge of political and social structures to actively participate as an informed global citizen.
  • Transfer Goal 4: Communicate and support ideas effectively to address a particular audience and purpose.

In High School Social Studies, students must complete the following required courses for graduation:


9th Grade: High School United States History

10th Grade: American Government

Beginning in 2022-2023 the MCAP Government assessment will count as 20% of a student's final grade.

MCAP Government Assessment Overview 

11th Grade: High School Modern World History

Find more detailed course information, including information about AP and elective courses, please visit the High School Program of Studies.
Find More Information about Advanced Placement course at: