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Enrichment Programs

Washington County Public Schools is proud to offer a variety of enrichment programs that help to foster a sense of civic responsibility, promote valuable historical inquiry and develop democratic values within our students. Engaging students from all levels, these programs support both the Maryland State Curricular goals as well those established in the Maryland College and Career Readiness Standards.

ICONS Simulation [International Communication and Negotiation Simulations]

The ICONS Project is an engaging program where students participate in online role-play simulations where they are tasked with resolving contentious global issues. ICONS simulation exercises feature engaging  content, peer collaboration tools and active learning. Established by the University of Maryland, this valuable program is a component of the 7th grade Merit Geography Curriculum.


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Mock Trial

The High School Mock Trial competition, funded by the Maryland State Bar Association, promotes a greater understanding of the law, court procedures and the legal system, while also developing career consciousness of law-related professions among students. Throughout the experience, students think critically about timely issues by acting as attorneys and witnesses in a simulated legal case - either civil or criminal in nature. Individual classroom teachers interested in the program may choose to participate at their own discretion.


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National Geographic Bee

Sponsored by the National Geographic Society, the National Geographic Bee encourages students to be curious about the world in which they live. This academic competition engages students in exploring the five themes of geography: Location, Place, Movement, Human-Environment Interaction and Region. WCPS students in grades four through eight are eligible for participation in this entertaining and challenging competition.


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National History Day

Centered on a series of annual themes, the National History Day Project promotes historical inquiry and research by encouraging discovery of the past. This research-oriented program facilitates the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, oral and written communication skills and a sense of responsibility for an involvement in the democratic process. The National History Day program is a curriculum requirement for students enrolled in 6th Grade Merit World History, 8th Grade Merit United States Studies I, Advanced Placement European History, Advanced Placement United States History and Advanced Placement World History. Individual students or classroom teachers interested in the program may also choose to participate at their own discretion.


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Project Citizen

As a civic education curriculum, Project Citizen promotes competent and responsible participation in local and state government by allowing young people to monitor and influence public policy. Engaging an entire class of students, this project-based learning experience offers a series of structured, cooperative learning activities guided by teachers, organization leaders and adult volunteers. In Washington County Public Schools, this learning experience fulfills the Student Service Learning component of the 7th Grade curriculum.


Classroom teachers, however, may choose to participate in an alternate Service Learning experience at their own discretion. If this option is selected, it will be the responsibility of the individual teacher to communicate program initiatives and goals to families while still fulfilling the Student Service Learning requirement for the district.


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Washington County Association of Student Councils [WCASC]   

Organized within each of Washington County’s secondary schools, students have the opportunity to participate in their respective Student Government Organizations as part of the larger Washington County Association of Student Councils. Involved students work to express and exchange opinions and ideas, develop leadership skills and promote student representation and involvement in all groups and organization impacting the lives of students. Participants are offered opportunities to attend conferences and lobby the Maryland General Assembly and the State Board of Education on behalf of student rights, while providing students the chance to experience public service and civic education firsthand.


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We the People: the Citizen and the Constitution

Facilitated through the Center for Civic Education, the We the People Program promotes civic competence and responsibility among students in Washington County Public Schools. Through interactive strategies, relevant content and simulated Congressional hearings, participating students develop a deeper understanding of the American Constitution and its implications upon government policies and decisions spanning from the nation’s inception into today’s world and beyond. The We the People program is a curriculum requirement for students enrolled in Advanced Placement Government and Politics. Additionally, select upper elementary classrooms across the district have chosen to participate in this enriching and competitive experience. Individual upper elementary and secondary classroom teachers interested in the program may also choose to participate at their own discretion.

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