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Library Policies

Computer Rules/Policies

  • You may use library computers for word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, etc.
  •  You may use library computers to search the WHS library catalog and all other school online resources.
  • You may use library computers for school related use of the Internet. Only school related use of the Internet is allowed without special permission.
  • See the librarian before any other Internet use. The following are not permitted without the permission of your teacher or the librarian:
    • NO e-mail
    • NO games
    • NO instant messages
    • NO bulletin boards
    • NO chat rooms
    • NO music
    • NO radio
  • You are encouraged to begin all Internet use at the library homepage.
  • Print responsibly! Know how many pages you are printing before printing.
  • Read and follow the rules listed in the Acceptable Use Policy for Telecommunications.
  • If the language or images at a web site would get you in trouble at school if worn on a T-shirt, then you should not be using that web site!
  • Report all problems to the librarian right away.
  • Internet use is a privilege, not a right.