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The library is a valuable resource for all students and staff and everyone is encouraged to use it to support classwork as well as for personal enjoyment and information needs. While the library's main purpose is to support the curricular needs of the students and staff of Hancock Middle-High School, the collection also includes material for everyone to read just for fun. Although primarily for student and staff use, the community is welcome.

A Message from Your Librarian/Technology Coordinator

Need to get a book? Check the WCPS School Libraries link. You'll be able to find what's available from our school library as well as from any other public school library in the county. You can even find what's available from the Washington County Free Library.

Need online information that is accurate and up-to-date? Check the links above. You'll have free access to all the online subscription resources the county and state have paid for. These are the good ones! They are so good that you'll probably need a password to use them at home. See the librarian for more information.

Check the library rules, policies and procedures. You’ll also be able to find Web resources, info about book awards and more. Answers to most questions about the library can probably be found on this site.

Need help? See the librarian! There are no stupid questions. My primary job is to help students and staff, so do not hesitate to ask.

Ann Schilling-Gwinnutt
301-766-8186 ext. 70224