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Public Information

Contact Information

Phone: 301-766-2809

Fax: 301-766-2857

The Public Information Office provides and promotes system-wide open and regular communication with both internal and external publics in order to advocate on behalf of the students and staff of the Washington County Public Schools. The public information staff oversees publications, employee recognition programs, public information requests, media relations, WCPS radio and television programming, special events, public engagement initiatives and other communication-related assignments.

To make a public information request, please contact Erin Anderson, Communications Officer. For additional information or details, click HERE:
Phone: 301-766-2996


The WCPS mobile app is available for download by parents and the public at the iTunes Store or Google Play by searching for "Washington County PS." The app is a free download and can be customized so that parents can see information from the schools their children attend. School system news and events are also available. In addition, the app will feature information posted immediately when schools are delayed, dismissed early or closed due to inclement weather or for other reasons. 

Join an Advisory Committee

The Washington County Board of Education is always looking for interested citizens to fill vacancies on advisory committees. For additional information about the committees that advise the Board and an application for those committees, visit the Committees page.

Feedback always welcome!

The seals, initials and school system identification cannot be used without the written permission of the system.  Please contact the Public Information Office at 301-766-2809.