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Orchestra Assessment

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - High School Orchestra Assessment
Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - Middle School Orchestra Assessment
Location: South Hagerstown High School

What is the assessment?

This assessment is not a competition. Every group is performing for ratings and/or comments. The main focus of this assessment is to provide a learning environment for the ensembles and teachers. From this experience, each group can learn techniques to improve and enhance their performance. The ensembles will also have a chance to hear other ensembles perform.

The Washington County Orchestra Assessment encourages full orchestral performances. These ensembles can range in size depending on the school.

Ensembles prepare two selections for adjudication and one warm-up selection. Three adjudicators will judge the concert portion while a fourth adjudicator judges a sight-reading activity.

Our local event, broken into several days, usually takes place in March and the state event is held in May.

In the late fall, information will be sent regarding the local event. Teachers are responsible for getting the information to students and returning applications by deadlines.

Music must be selected from the state manuals (MODA) No photocopies will be allowed at the adjudication.

If an ensemble receives a rating of "superior" the group will be invited to participate in the State Large Ensemble Festival.