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Performing Arts

Dance is an art form that uses movement to communicate meaning about the human experience. Education in the art of dance develops the knowledge and skills required to create, perform, and understand movement as a means of artistic communication and serves as a vehicle to support a student’s mental and emotional well-being. Comprehensive dance education includes improvisation, technique, choreography, performance, observation and analysis.

Theatre is an interdisciplinary art form that satisfies the human need to express thoughts and feelings through written text, dramatic interpretation and multimedia production.

WCPS students PreK-12 experience a performing arts curriculum built on the WCPS Essential Curriculum and the MSDE Fine Arts Standards tied to the National Core Arts Standards

Students have opportunities to Create, Present, Respond and Connect through a variety of artistic media and subject matter. They explore both how the arts have played a role in our history and culture as well as how the arts can provide them with a means of personal expression. 

Students have opportunities to showcase their talents through a variety of school performances and productions each year.