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Magnet Program

Magnet students will connect the study of technology to the areas of math and science as they enhance the problem-solving skills needed for success in S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, and math) related fields.  Students with aptitudes for/interests in math, science, and technology will enjoy this program.  Magnet program students take rigorous math and science classes that infuse the magnet theme into the curriculum. This coursework moves at an accelerated pace in terms of breadth and/or depth.  Students will take Magnet Algebra 1 and Magnet Geometry during this program to allow for more time for AP Math courses in high school.  Students also have the option to take Foundations of Technology for a high school credit in 8th grade. Students have regular access to laptop computers, iPads and probeware that will enhance assignment/project production and new learning. Students are expected to complete summer assignments each year, which allow magnet teachers to increase the depth of unit exploration throughout the school year. Additional opportunities are also available to magnet students throughout the year.  Past activities have included field experiences, a campus-wide engineering day, and guest speakers.