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Fraud Hotline

The Board of Education encourages all stakeholders to report suspected financial irregularities and improper governmental activities of which they become aware.  If you are an employee, you are expected to report any known or suspected irregularities or improper activities. 

Financial irregularities include, but are not limited to fraud, false claims, false statements, conflict of interest situations, bribery, theft or embezzlement by Board of Education employees, agents, contractors or volunteers. Improper governmental activities include, but are not limited to, violations of any state or federal law or regulation, Board policy, procedure or regulation, economically wasteful activities or activities that are a danger to public health or safety. This reporting procedure does not cover improprieties involving students. The information reported will be considered confidential, and you may report suspected financial irregularities and improper governmental activities anonymously. However, the Board encourages you to provide information that would allow us to contact you for further information or clarification. Additionally, employees may rest assured that there will be no reprisals for reporting a suspected irregularity or improper activity in good faith. 

However, intentionally making false accusations could lead to disciplinary action. Additionally, a party who is intentionally falsely accused may have certain legal remedies that could be exercised against his or her accuser.

Reporting Procedure

The Board of Education’s Communications Officer, Erin Anderson, is designated as the recipient of reports of financial irregularity and improper governmental activity. A hotline has been established so that you may report financial irregularities and improper governmental activities to her.

You may transmit a hotline message to Ms. Anderson by any of the following:

  • The direct, dedicated hotline telephone at (301) 766-8700.
  • A telephone call to her at (301) 766-2996.
  • An e-mail directed to
  • Other written communication to him at Washington County Public Schools, 10435 Downsville Pike, Hagerstown, Maryland 21740.

Regardless of the method of communication that you use, the Board of Education encourages you to provide the following information in your report:

  • The name, position and work location of the alleged perpetrator.
  • A complete description of the alleged act.
  • A description of how you discovered the alleged act.
  • As closely as you can determine, the date and time that the alleged act occurred.
  • As closely as you can determine, the value of the school system assets that have been compromised.
  • The names of any supervisory personnel to whom you have previously reported the alleged act.  If none, so state.
  • Your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. (optional)

Incomplete information may make it difficult or impossible to investigate your allegation(s). Therefore, the Board asks that the information you provide be as complete as possible.

Within one workday of receiving your report, Ms. Anderson will contact the appropriate person(s) to begin an investigation into the allegations that you have made. The complete protocol for the investigation and reporting of the findings may be found in administrative regulation DIFA-R in the Board of Education policy and procedure section of this website.