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Physical Education

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Phone: 301-766-2929

The Washington County Public Schools physical education curriculum provides opportunities for students to mature physically through activities designed to develop fitness, skill, concern for safety, knowledge of key facts and positive attitudes toward personal health and physical activity. The physical education program designs activities, instruction and resources to help students develop physically from early childhood to young adulthood. The basic activities in kindergarten through grade nine include the development of skills in sport activities and strategies in game situations relating to fitness and exercise, soccer, basketball, volleyball, dance and rhythm, softball and track and field. At various checkpoints in elementary, middle and high school, each student’s progress is measured to help teachers better help students grow. These results are used to target areas needing further development. Success in physical activities stimulates a lifelong interest in maintaining health and fitness. Physically educated students will continue to promote these competencies through a lifetime of activities.

Elementary School

The elementary physical education program teaches students basic physical skills. Each skill is divided into parts. Repetition and review are often used in instruction, as each skill must build upon skills that have been developed earlier.

Middle School

The middle school physical education program emphasizes skill development, fitness, team sport participation and social and emotional growth. Teachers introduce a variety of activities such as individual, dual and lifetime sports. Games are used to improve student fitness, skill, application of safety measures, knowledge and attitudes. Instruction and expectations increase as students progress through the middle school grades. WCPS does not organize middle school athletic teams; however, area recreation and youth leagues offer opportunities for middle school youth to participate in organized sports programs.

High School

One credit of physical education is required for students to graduate from high school. In this credit, teachers emphasize the development of physical fitness through a program of individual skills, team-related activities and additional life-time co-educational sports. Students may choose to take elective physical education courses. In each course, students work on fitness, skill, safety, knowledge and attitudes through a variety of structured activities. Weight Conditioning is an elective physical education course that provides weight training, body conditioning and fitness-related activities. All students are encouraged to participate in a physical education program that goes beyond the one credit minimum required for high school graduation. WCPS offers organized individual and team sports at the high school level. For more information, contact the high school athletic director at the school level or see the Washington County Public Secondary Schools Athletic Handbook.