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Information Technology

Contact Information

Phone: Help Desk: 301-766-8911

The Information Technology department is comprised of what had been the Information Systems and Technology Hardware/Telecommunications departments.  The teams ensure the security of data and technology, along with maintaining and enhancing the technological capabilities for students and staff of Washington County Public Schools. 

Part of the team is dedicated to providing first class support to all students and staff. The department provides support for technical issues including, equipment maintenance and repairs, troubleshooting hardware and software problems, and the setup of A/V equipment. Overseeing the purchase, installation and instruction in the proper care and use of new equipment is a fundamental aspect of the department. The department staff stays abreast of new technologies so that WCPS can provide the best educational support possible. The department also maintains the Wide Area Network (WAN), Local Area Network.

Department staff members also manage methods of communication in the school system, utilizing a team of programmers and support staff to manage email, phone and internet connectivity.