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Tech High Cosmetology Openings for Current 9th Graders

Posted November 10, 2022

Boyd J. Michael, III Technical High School is offering a unique opportunity in the Cosmetology program to current freshmen who will be sophomores in the 2023-2024 school year. Due to the increasingly rigorous state requirements for Cosmetology, Tech High is developing a one-class pilot program of sophomore students who will be enrolled in Tech High’s Cosmetology program for 2023-2024.

Tech High will also enroll the normal class of junior students for the next school year. That means if the pilot program is successful, Cosmetology would only enroll sophomores moving forward from 2024 and beyond. The school is sharing a simple Google form to gauge the interest of current 9th-grade students in the Cosmetology program at Tech High.

Tech High staff will be visiting schools and speaking with interested students to offer info and a Q&A. Complete the form today if you have an interested 9th grader!

Tech High Cosmetology Early Entry INterest Form