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South Hagerstown High School HOLD - September 21, 2023

Posted September 21, 2023


I am writing to provide accurate information about a situation that resulted in South Hagerstown High School being placed into a HOLD status for about 20 minutes this morning. A HOLD requires students and staff to clear the hallways and remain inside their classrooms. Instruction continues during this time. 

The HOLD was put into place so the administration could investigate a student who allegedly had a weapon.  Once the matter was addressed, the HOLD was lifted.  Out of an abundance of caution, additional safety measures are in place at school today. The South High administrative team is working closely with our law enforcement partners to ensure continued safety and security for our students and staff.  There is no active threat to students or the school.

This situation exemplifies the importance of being vigilant with regards to school safety and security.  We encourage you to remind your student if they see or hear something indicating a potential problem at school or a school event, they should report it immediately to school staff and/or law enforcement. 

Rodney Gayman

Principal, South Hagerstown High School