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Posted October 24, 2019

The Barbara Ingram School for the Arts Theatre Department is honored to be included in a select group of pilot productions titled Marvel Spotlight – 10 minute plays and very excited to be selected for this opportunity.  

In this new and unique collection of 10 minute plays, visit some of your favorite Marvel characters live on stage.  


See Thor as he attends his first Prom;

Peter Parker’s interactions with other students, or dare I say Villains, at Saturday School Detention;

T’Challa (AKA) Black Panther having difficulty with one of his sister’s inventions.  

Join us as we watch Ant Man and Squirrel Girl meet for Coffee and discover what’s happening in a nearby air vent.  

See how Wanda (AKA) Scarlett Witch convinces Natasha (AKA) The Black Widow, that she needs a Date.

Did you ever consider that Groot would fall in love?  No? Then see the Guardians of the Galaxy fight off a band of evil guards to give him a shot to converse with his new-found crush.  

Visit the High School where Gamora and Nebula were first told that they were sisters.  

Watch what happens when Vision and Scarlet Witch have a love spat at a local café and see what happens to The Hulk as he reports to his first group therapy session for Anger Management.  

Lastly Join Tony Stark at the Stark Tower when all your favorite Avengers gather to figure out why all their Superhero accessories aren’t working.  


Don’t miss this opportunity to see your favorite Marvel Characters in a new collection of adventures.  Join the BISFA Theatre Department for Marvel Spotlight – 10 min plays at the newly renovated Maryland Theatre in Hagerstown, Maryland.  The shows will run Monday and Tuesday, October 28, 29th at 7:00 p.m.   


Tickets are on SALE now at the Maryland Theatre.