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Posted January 26, 2021

We are preparing to return to school on February 16, 2021.  
We are planning on implementing stage 4 on that date.  

Stage 4 is a hybrid schedule created to give every student who wants to be back in school an opportunity, while keeping the numbers down so we can follow the safety guidelines.  The actual time schedule of classes will remain the same.

In stage 4 the student body will be split into 4 groups.  These groups were created through contact with families in November.  If you indicated you wanted your student to come back and have changed your mind, or if you indicated that you did not want them to come back but changed your mind - please reach out to the school as soon as possible.  

4 Groups of students
Here are the groups at this time:

A - Group 1  - They will come to school on Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday.  They will be participating virtually all other days
B - Group 2  - They will come to school on Thursday, Friday and every other Wednesday.  They will be participating virtually all other days
C - This group will be participating live everyday.  These are the students who were here live in November as part of Stage 3.
D - This group (students do not wish to return at this time) will be participating virtually everyday as before.

An individualized letter will be coming home in the next week to let you know what group each student is a part of.
The easiest way to explain - students who were here live as part of stage 2 or stage 3 are all listed as C students and will be here everyday.
Any family who requested to stay virtual will be listed as D and continue distance learning.
All other students were evenly split between groups A and B

Please contact the school with any questions or changes
Thank you!