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Elementary Social Studies

The Washington County Public Schools elementary social studies program supports the development of responsible citizenship through the study of the social, economic and political systems that support and shape the democratic way of life. Through hands-on activities and cooperative learning groups, students are engaged in critical thinking and problem solving techniques to explore past events and history that has shaped the present world around them. Students learn the fundamental values and rights of society and the democratic process that leads to a better understanding of the similarities and differences that make up the diversity of the United States.

Students will be able to:


  • Create rules (classroom).
  • Identify choices and consequences (positive and negative).
  • Recognize the family unit.
  • Create and interpret simple maps.


  • Understand that rules keep people safe.
  • Acknowledge that people have different attributes.
  • Recognize that change occurs over time.
  • Understand that a map is a tool to find locations.

Grade One

  • Understand the difference between rules and laws.
  • Identify the need for jobs in a community.
  • Acknowledge the importance of goods and services that support the community.
  • Recognize the use of symbols on a map to identify locations.

Grade Two

  • Understand that people have rights.
  • Acknowledge the relationship between consumers and producers.
  • Identify characteristics of past and present.
  • Recognize geographic characteristics and landmarks.

Grade Three

  • Recognize and define the characteristics of local and world regions.
  • Understand that changes in transportation help people to move from place to place.
  • Explain the chronology and settlement patterns of history in the United States.
  • Draw and use maps to understand regions and locations.

Grade Four

  • Identify the geography and regions of Maryland.
  • Acknowledge the changes in Maryland from past to present.
  • Understand the role of technology and growth on Maryland.
  • Recognize the relationship and products of Maryland to other States and regions of the United States.

Grade Five

  • Explore the regions and first people of the United States.
  • Recognize the dangers and prosperity of the exploration, settlement, and establishment of the English Colonies.
  • Learn the social and political factors leading to the American Revolution and the Civil War.
  • Understand that the importance of who we are today was established through the events of American History.