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Facilities and Enrollment Advisory Committee

The most recent FEAC meeting was held on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at the Center for Education Services, 10435 Downsville Pike, Hagerstown. The next meeting has not been scheduled.


  • Email:
  • Phone: 301-766-2861
  • Mail: WCPS Facilities and Enrollment Advisory Committee at the address above

Statement of Purpose

To involve the public in the resolution of facilities and enrollment issues, the Washington County Board of Education has created a standing Board advisory committee, known as the Facilities and Enrollment Committee. This committee shall be comprised of representative parents, businesspersons and community leaders who are interested in studying facilities and enrollment issues.

FEAC Objectives

  • Review enrollment data and facilities usage information to make recommendations on the most efficient and educationally effective use of school facilities.
  • Review enrollment projections, county population data, and facilities capacity information to determine areas of potential overcrowding in the county school system.
  • Develop a proposal to implement the required changes to the attendance areas in accordance with the guidelines established in Board of Education regulation JCA-R.
  • Pursuant to Board Policy JCA - Establishment of School Attendance Areas, the Board may issue a charge to the Committee from time to time, to provide advice to the Board in accordance with the charge issued to the Committee.

FEAC received a new charge from the Board of Education on January 22, 2009.

FEAC 2015

NEW: The superintendent's recommendations for redistricting in 2016-2017 will be delivered to the Board of Education on April 21, 2015. Key documents regarding the redistricting recommendations are listed in the Documents section of this page.

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