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Advisory Committee and Materials

The Family Life Education program operates under the direction and guidance of the Family Life and Human Development Advisory Committee.  This committee is required by the school system to be in compliance with the regulations of COMAR (Code of Maryland).  The two purposes of the committee are to: 

  1. Consult with staff in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the Family Life program; and
  2. Review available instructional materials and recommend to the Board of Education the selection of materials to be included in the Family Life program.

Members of the Family Life and Human Development Advisory Committee are appointed by the Board of Education. Appointments of members to the committee consider:  parents/guardians, WCPS personnel, physicians, students, legislators, members of community organizations, clergy, and members of professional and civic organizations.  The traveling teachers are also non-voting members of the committee.  The committee reports to the Board of Education when making recommendations for the addition or deletion of instructional materials.