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Your Journey, Our Commitment

Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) is pleased to announce the approval and launch of its new strategic plan, titled Your Journey, Our Commitment, which will serve as the district's guiding framework from 2025 to 2030. This comprehensive plan was developed through extensive collaboration and input from community members, staff, students, and local business partners.

2025-2030 WCPS STRATEGIC PLAN - CoverSuperintendent Dr. David T. Sovine says, "After several months filled with community conversations, collaboration, and thoughtful planning, I am excited to share our Washington County Public Schools strategic plan. Your Journey, Our Commitment will be our collective road map for decision-making in the coming years, and it lays out a clear and compelling strategy for accomplishing our reinvigorated vision and mission."

The strategic plan focuses on four key priority areas. 
They each have objectives that will drive WCPS’ actions to achieve those goals.

    WCPS aims to engage each student in authentic, rigorous learning experiences to prepare them with the skills, knowledge, and habits to maximize their success. The goals include increasing kindergarten readiness as well as college and career readiness, enhancing intervention and support, and boosting student involvement in extracurricular activities to create a greater sense of belonging for each student.
    The district will focus on identifying and addressing barriers that impact student learning and success. Objectives include increasing pre-kindergarten enrollment, ensuring access to college and career preparation avenues, supporting student transitions, and integrating the Portrait of a Graduate competencies into the Essential Curriculum.
    WCPS is committed to creating a safe, engaging, and supportive learning environment for each student and staff member. This includes fostering a positive school culture and climate, improving student attendance, and enhancing staff recruitment and retention.
    The plan emphasizes the importance of partnering with caregivers and the community to develop strong, meaningful connections that support student success. Objectives include increasing family engagement, strengthening collaborations with local organizations and businesses to grow student learning opportunities, and increasing transparency and communication.

The development of Your Journey, Our Commitment was a collaborative effort involving multiple opportunities to contribute meaningful input from broad audiences across the WCPS learning community. The process began with engaging the community through forums, surveys, and focus groups to gather input from parents, students, WCPS staff, and community partners. This inclusive approach ensured that diverse perspectives were considered. 

A design team, consisting of representatives from various stakeholder groups, synthesized the feedback to identify key priorities and goals. This iterative process included reviewing current initiatives, aligning with the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, and refining the plan based on community feedback. The steering committee, which included WCPS leadership, clarified the components of the plan and delineated measurable outcomes, which will be used to monitor WCPS’ progress over the next five years.

Andrea Semler, Supervisor of Special Education: Birth to K Program, served on the design team. She noted, "The strategic plan represents who we are as WCPS and who we are as a community. I view it as an action plan and also as a call to action for all stakeholders to inspire and connect us as a greater Washington County community."

Dr. Sovine added, "I am incredibly thankful to everyone who contributed to the development of this plan. This is just the beginning. We look forward to continuing to engage our community as we start to implement the plan, monitor our progress, and make adjustments along the way."