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Magnet Program

Students with aptitudes for and interests in the humanities (literature, social sciences, history of the arts) will enjoy this program.  Magnet program students take specialized, cross-curricular English Language Arts and social studies classes that infuse the magnet theme into the curriculum. These courses, which move at an accelerated pace one to two years above grade level in terms of complexity, utilize the William and Mary curriculum for gifted and talented students, incorporating a wide selection of both classical and modern literature.  Students will take deep dives into primary source materials to interpret their historical importance and impact on our changing world. Each summer, students complete a multi-disciplinary project that allows them to extend their learning and hit the ground running at the start of the next school year. The ultimate goal of this magnet program is not only to provide students with the skills necessary to be successful in advanced placement opportunities in high school and beyond, but more importantly to prepare them to participate as informed, critically-minded global citizens.  Students are granted unique academic experiences that encourage analytical thinking and creativity, including field experiences in the Smithsonian Forensics program and the Holocaust museum, participation in our consistently top-rated choral, band and orchestra programs, art club, and the Morning Announcements Crew.  Additionally, students have the opportunity to earn high school credit in both Spanish and Career Technical Education (CTE).