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Magnet Program

Boonsboro Middle Magnet Program for Global Citizenship

Magnet students will study the impact of language and global culture on communications while building global literacy and examining their roles and responsibilities as global citizens.   Students will analyze culture and language through collaboration, global literature, and current events. Problem-based learning related to global issues is a primary focus to provide students with the opportunity to promote awareness and create actions plans to help solve problems within school, the community, and/or globally. In addition, students will be provided the option to join various clubs to be able to implement these action plans.  Students with aptitudes for/interests in reading, writing, and learning about other cultures and languages will enjoy this program.  Each year, magnet program students take special English language arts (ELA) and social studies classes that infuse the magnet theme into the curriculum; they are also enrolled in a full-immersion Spanish course.  Upon successful completion of three years in Spanish, students will enter high school with two language credits. They may also earn a high school credit for Foundations of Technology.   Coursework moves at an accelerated pace that is one to two years above grade level in terms of breadth and/or depth. Students are expected to complete summer assignments, which “frontload” content and allow magnet teachers to increase the depth of unit exploration throughout the school year. Within this program, students will take action and create community projects to promote the global theme at both the local and global community levels.  In addition, students will frequently collaborate with other students in Maryland and globally via digital exchange, online discussions, written communications.  Past program activities have included guest speakers, field experiences, multi-media projects using various technology tools, student-led social action projects, ongoing digital exchange with Peru and Japan, student-led conferences, and other “showcase” events; all promoting and celebrating diversity and multiple perspectives.  New this year will be the full implementation of our Diversity Club which was originally created by some of our seventh grade magnet students during the 2019-2020 school year.   In addition, our magnet students participate in the school-wide Multicultural Night and this year will be participating in a Global Read Aloud novel study in connection with the elementary magnet students.