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Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement or AP classes are college-level courses taken in high school. A national test for each class from the College Board is given in May. The test is scored from zero to five. Some colleges will award college credit based on these test scores if a score of three or better is earned. Some colleges require a five. Check with each school you are thinking of attending to learn what score is required for credit.

Freshmen need to begin planning to take AP classes. Students need to look at their schedule to be sure AP classes can be taken later. That may mean taking two math classes or two science classes, etc. in one year so you are in a position to take the classes you want.

All colleges like to see these classes on your transcript. A good grade in AP classes is proof you can and are taking challenging course work throughout high school. It proves that you can do college level work. These classes are a plus in the college admissions process.

AP classes are weighted classes, which means that they earn more than regular classes in the grade point average (GPA) calculations. Quality Point Values are awarded to students who accept the challenges of more rigorous courses of study, while ensuring maintenance of a high grade point average. Rigorous courses are identified as receiving "accelerated credit" or "AP credit" in the course description.

Grade Percentage Regular Quality point value Accelerated point value AP Quality point value
90-100 4.0 4.72 5.0
80-89 3.0 3.54 4.0
70-79 2.0 2.36 3.0
0-69 0 0 0

WHS is offering more than twenty AP classes and accelerated courses. Check with the Counseling Center if you are interested in taking these classes and need more information.

Fee Waiver Application Form

Some students may qualify for free exams, based on guidelines established by the state of Maryland.  Typically, the AP exams cost students $44 per exam; however, if certain income guidelines are met or the student qualifies for the Free and Reduced Meal program, then those exams would then be free for the student.  Please see the link to the 2013 Fee Waiver Application Form above.

AP Examination Selection Form

This form should be submitted with the payment for the test, or with the Fee Waiver Application form. There is a chart on which students should indicate which AP exams they are taking in May.  We understand that things may change or classes may be added at the semester break; at any time you may re-print and update your form and submit it to Ms Biancolli. See the link to the AP Examination Selection Form above.