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the Student day at williamsport high school is 8:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

Our Mission

Williamsport High School is a community of learners intrinsically linked to the world of work and higher learning. We empower all learners by emphasizing the application of knowledge and skills, the importance of critical thinking and the efficacy of creative problem solving.

Our Vision

Every student will succeed and contribute to the public good.

We believe that the most promising strategy for achieving the mission of Williamsport High School is to develop our collective capacity to function as a caring Professional Learning Community, whose members value and celebrate our rich cultural diversity.

As an instructional staff of teachers, counselors, support workers, and administrators, we envision our school as one in which:

  • We demonstrate a daily school-wide commitment to student success for every student; success is the only option, whatever it takes;
  • We work collaboratively in a Classroom Focused Improvement Process and across disciplines to develop goals and strategies for teaching and learning that are clear and challenging;
  • We implement differentiated instruction, higher order thinking and questioning skills, as well as research-based best practices to improve student achievement with ongoing support from central office and the school community;
  • We provide frequent feedback on each student’s learning progress and offer embedded time within the school schedule for student interventions as needed to provide success for all students;
  • We engage in ongoing inquirypersonal reflectionartifact collection, and data collection to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs to adjust the school’s Professional Development focus;
  • We encourage students to take increasing personal responsibility for their success as students and citizens in a supportive school climate in order to prepare for college readiness and success in our ever changing global society.

School Statistics

For annually updated facility and enrollment information about this, and all WCPS facilities, please click here.