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The Engineering Academy

The Engineering Academy

The Engineering Academy is a rigorous program that follows the PLTW (Project Lead The Way) program’s proven hands-on, real-world problem-solving approach to learning. Each PLTW Engineering course engages students in engineering activities like working with a client to design a home, programming electronic devices or robotics or designing complex 3D models and assemblies. These activities not only build knowledge and skills in engineering, but also empower students to develop essential skills such as problem solving, critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration and perseverance. Classes include Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Digital Electronics, Civil Engineering and Architecture and the capstone Engineering Design and Development. Students also learn from the Amatrol Industry 4.0 curriculum that focuses on many important engineering skills like measurement, technical drawing, tolerancing, mechanical power, electrical circuits, robotics and much more. 

The Engineering Academy lab contains all of the equipment engineering students need to bring their ideas to life. Our lab provides students with access to CNC machines capable of cutting and carving metals, woods and plastics, a laser cutting machine, a wide variety of hand and power tools and state of the art robotics and automation training equipment. We are also one of the few high schools in the country with a Makerbot Innovation Center, which is our 3D printing farm with 25+ 3D printers. 

Students in The Engineering Academy can potentially earn Autodesk Inventor Certification, SACA Industry 4.0 credentials, OSHA safety credentials and college credits through PLTW affiliate universities. The program also has an articulation agreement with Hagerstown Community College. There are also opportunities for internships in the senior year. .

Unlimited job possibilities after college such as:

Civil Engineer Architect
CAD Designer Electrical Engineer
Industrial Engineer Mechatronics
Mechanical Engineer ...and many more!
MakerBot printers
pre-engineering students working with gears