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Graduating Class

Most college applications require the following:

  • Your completed application form
  • Counselor section of application and/or recommendation
  • Application fee
  • Official high school transcript
  • Faculty recommendations

Most faculty members prefer that their recommendations remain confidential and most counselor sections need to be confidential for the colleges to use the information properly. For this reason, we suggest the following:

  • Complete your portion of the application and bring it to the Counseling Center along with the application fee (in check form), unsealed mailing envelope and appropriate postage.
  • Contact those you are requesting references from and ask them to forward the recommendations to the Counseling Center.
  • Complete a “Transcript Request” form in the Counseling Center so that we can attach a transcript to your application.
  • Your counselor will complete the counselor section (if applicable), include a recommendation (if requested), other reference letters and the fee. The Counseling Center will mail your application for you or have it ready for you to mail (per your instructions)
  • Paper clip all parts of the application together, making sure your name is on each piece.
  • We suggest you detail – in writing – the deadline for mailing the application, as well as what needs to be done with the application. Example: Needs counselor recommendation, needs transcript, waiting for English teacher recommendation, must be postmarked by January 10. Post-It notes tacked onto the application are useful.
  • Please remember that there are many of you so please give us plenty of time to complete your applications. Ideally, two weeks’ notice provides enough time to do a thorough and thoughtful job on your paperwork.

To ensure all deadlines are met applications, recommendations and scholarships need to be given to Ms. Franklin a minimum of two weeks prior to the due date.

Click here for WCPS Graduation Requirements.