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Boyd J. Michael, III Technical High School offers a wide variety of academic classes. Our core academic classes are complemented by nine honors courses,11 Advanced Placement (AP) classes, three ESSENCE courses
and five elective classes.

Core Courses Honors Courses AP Courses ESSENCE Courses
English 11 Honors English 11 AP Calculus A/B ESSENCE College Algebra
English 12 Honors English 12 AP Calculus B/C ESSENCE Public Speaking
World History Honors World History AP Chemistry ESSENCE Sociology
Psychology Honors Psychology AP English Language  
Sociology Honors Sociology AP English Literature Elective Courses
Algebra II Honors Algebra II AP Environmental Science Digital Electronics
Financial Literacy Honors Pre-Calculus AP Human Geography P.E. - Weight Conditioning
Chemistry Honors Chemistry AP Physics Yearbook

Physics Honors Physics AP Psychology  
Anatomy   AP Art 2D Design  
Intro to Statistics   AP World History