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New Student Enrollment Process

  • Please contact the BHS Counseling Center at 301-766-8025 to set up an appointment to enroll your student.  An appointment is required for enrollment due to counselor availability.  Drop in enrollments will be asked to schedule an appointment.

  • Please fill out the Student Family Enrollment form before showing for your appointment.

  • Be sure to be able to show Proof of Residency within three months of enrollment.

Summer Enrollment

Please contact the Counseling Center to set up an appointment for enrollment. BHS is open Monday through Thursday during the summer and counselor summer hours may vary. Summer enrollment appointments will not start until after June 30th.

Enrollment During School Year

The Counseling Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm during the school year, with the exception of holidays and professional days. Please contact the Counseling Center to set up an appointment for enrollment.

Enrollment Procedures

Parents wishing to enroll their student must have completed the following items at the time of enrollment.

  • Proof of Residency (tax bill, residential lease,  mortgage bill,  electric bill, water bill, sewer bill, correspondence from agencies, or court documentation related to legal matters)
  • A copy of the students immunization records
  • A copy of the student’s transcript from his or her last school of attendance and transfer grades at the time of enrollment.
  • Proof of age (birth certificate, passport, birth registration)
  • The student’s previous school must be notified by the parent of their transfer.

In addition:

  • Any student that does not reside in the Boonsboro High School feeder area that wishes to enroll at Boonsboro High School must pick up a Special Permission Application in the Counseling Center. This form must be filled out and returned to the principal for approval. Enrollment cannot take place until this form is completed.
  • Any family living arrangement where a family is living with another family and is not the legal primary resident of the housing must complete a Multi-Family Affadavit Form. This form must be signed and notarized and proof of residency must be shown by the primary legal resident.
  • Informal Kinship Care Affidavit-Informal kinship care refers to a living arrangement in which a relative of a child, who is NOT in the care, custody or guardianship of DSS provides for the care and custody of the child due to a serious family hardship. Hardship includes the death of a parent, serious illness, drug addiction, incarceration, abandonment by a parent or assignment of a parents to active military duty. A signed affadavit must be completed and turned into the counseling office.
  • Formal Kinship Care-Formal Kinship Care refers to a living arrangement where a student is placed by a state agency in the home of a relative. Documentation from the agency making the placement must be provided to the counseling office in this situation.
  • Any student transferring to a Maryland school from an out of school must submit a Physical Examination Form within six months of enrollment. A Physical Examination form can be picked up in the counseling office, the health department or many doctor offices have these forms.

At the time of enrollment, you will be asked to complete the following additional information:

  • Internet Permission Form
  • Student Information Sheet (printable version available to complete prior to appointment)
  • Free or Reduced Lunch application, if needed
  • A locker/student agenda fee will be charged at the time of enrollment.

Any student coming from a non-accredited private MD school or home school situation may need to complete a Review for Credits. An application for a credit review can be picked up in the counseling office. Testing takes place only two times yearly and is arranged by WCBOE.