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Applications Sought for Ethics Advisory Panel

Posted December 20, 2022

The Washington County Board of Education (BOE) has a number of citizen advisory committees that provide the Board of Education with recommendations on certain matters, such as the budget, school calendar, facilities, technology and school safety.
At this time, applications are being sought for the Ethics Advisory Panel. This committee will report to the Board of Education as requested. 
The charge to the Ethics Advisory Panel includes:
  1. Render advice as requested by school board members or employees regarding applicability and interpretation of ethics regulations.
  2. Investigate complaints filed in writing regarding possible violations of ethics regulations. 
  3. For complaints with merit, conduct a hearing with affected parties and transmit a report to the elected Board of Education.
  4. Administer the Board of Education’s ethics policy and administrative regulation.
Anyone interested in applying for a position on a citizen advisory committee can submit an online application