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About the Portal


A portal is a point of entry, a starting point, a place to begin… and the WCPS Library Resources Portal is the place to begin finding and using the resources provided by the Washington County Public Schools’ library media program.

The WCPS Library Resources portal directs you to the individual school sites and provides links to the various online resources provided by WCPS, the state of Maryland and the Washington County Free Library among others.

The main feature of each school portal is its library catalog. A single search not only finds books on the shelves, but also finds educationally appropriate web sites, online subscription reference resources, ebooks, Safari Montage video content and more. Only print books require an in-person library visit to use. All the other resources can be used immediately from anywhere at any time; 24/7, 365 days a year! The search results usually indicate reading and/or interest level so users can choose what’s most appropriate for their needs. In addition, each school portal allows individual users to login to their own account via desktop computer or mobile device, create and share resource lists, compile bibliographies, check out ebooks, monitor their own library activity and much more. 

See your school's library media specialist or contact the Library Media Services staff with your questions or comments.