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Student Meal Accounts

Every WCPS student has a meal account. Cashiers scan the bar code on student IDs to access the students meal account.

WCPS utilizes for give parents the ability to prepay school activity fees, meals, monitor student cafeteria purchases and receive email notifications for low account balances.

We strongly encourage parents to monitor, view and fund student accounts throughout the year. Parents may use an electronic check or credit/debit card and set up auto replenish features to easily add funds. Myschoolbucks is free to setup an account and monitor purchases. If you choose to deposit money online there is a 3.75% fee per transaction.   

Parents should discuss meal and smart snack choices with their children. MySchoolBucks enables parents to monitor their child’s account balance and allows full access to view purchases for the last 90 days of service. MySchoolBucks also offers a mobile app for your convenience.

  • Go to and click "Sign Up Today"
  • Activate your account and add students. You will need your student's name, name of school and school ID number or birthday.
  • Provide your payment information.

If you have any further questions, please visit and select the FAQ link. If you need assistance with the enrollment process, please call MySchoolBucks Customer Support at 1-855-832-5226

To make requests to transfer money to another account or receive a refund, please call the Food & Nutrition office at 301-766-2890.