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Membership Specifications

The members of the Facilities and Enrollment Committee shall be appointed by the Board. Membership on the Facilities and Enrollment Committee shall be limited to no more than 20 members of the community including two citizen resident adults from each of the attendance districts. Appointments shall consider geographical residency and community involvement.

Terms of Office

Appointment to the committee and terms of office shall be in accordance with Board Policy BDF - Advisory Committees to the Boards of Education.

Operations Specifications

Minutes of each committee meeting shall be kept and forwarded promptly by the staff liaison to the Board and the Superintendent.

  • The committee will report to the Board as requested.
  • The reports to the Board shall focus on the following criteria of review if appropriate:
    • findings on areas of potential overcrowding
    • recommendations on school facilities usage
    • recommendations on any attendance area adjustments

Committee Charge adopted: September 7, 1999. Amended: February 4, 2003. Revised: November 21, 2006. Board of Education of Washington County.