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Facilities Maintenance & Operations

Contact Information

Phone: 301-766-2881

The maintenance program provides the services necessary to create a safe physical environment while protecting the asset value of the Boards' 49 properties throughout the county. The department's goal is to see that Washington County's public schools are maintained in the most cost-efficient manner possible in keeping with federal and state guidelines and Board policy.

The maintenance department:

  • Operates, repairs and replaces the mechanical equipment in schools, including boilers, HVAC equipment, pumps, compressors and motors
  • Repairs and replaces plumbing fixtures including sewer and water lines, sinks, drinking fountains and hot water heaters
  • Repairs windows, constructs partitions, hangs chalkboards, builds cabinets, installs lockers, designs building modifications, patches roofs and paints walls
  • Mows grass, plows snow, maintains athletic fields, fixes potholes, removes trees, builds fences
  • Operates an integrated pest management and pesticide notification program for buildings and grounds that comply with all state laws concerning hazardous chemicals
  • Repairs and replaces lighting fixtures, electrical appliances, panels, breakers, plugs and wiring, emergency generators, elevators and lifts, fire alarm systems, and temperature control systems
  • Inspects and maintains playground equipment, overhead doors, gymnasium equipment such as backboards, bleachers, climbing ropes, scoreboards, and stage equipment, including lights, cables, and curtains.

The Facilities Operation program provides all employees and students with a safe, secure, clean, and aesthetically pleasant physical environment that is conducive to learning. In addition, support and service to the telecommunications network, computer hardware, and A/V equipment is under this budget category. Program functions include:

  • Custodial services
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Waste disposal
  • Mail delivery
  • Contracted repair services
  • Computer repair and installation services

Also included in this category are utilities and insurance on vehicles and buildings.

The operations department:

  • Provides technical support and training to the school-based custodial staff, and publishes the custodial handbook
  • Specifies and provides all custodial supplies throughout the system including paper products, chemicals, and equipment
  • Manages the substitute custodian program
  • Oversees the Board's safety and environment program, which includes OSHA inspections, asbestos management, fire drills, well water testing, blood-borne pathogens training, radon management, indoor air quality testing, fire marshal inspections, and security systems
  • Manages small project building renovations from planning and design to bidding and construction