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Blueprint Committee Information

WCPS Blueprint Author Committee

  • Dr. David Sovine, Superintendent of Schools 
  • Dr. Gary Willow: Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction 
  • Dr. Jennifer Webster:Associate Superintendent for Administration and Leadership
  • Dr. Jana Palmer: Director of Elementary Schools
  • Dr. Heath Wilcox: Director of Secondary Schools
  • Dr. Kara Burhans: Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
  • Mr. Matt Semler: Principal: Johnathan Hager Elementary
  • Ms. Amanda Mulledy: Principal: Clear Spring High School
  • Ms. Jenny Ruppenthal: Principal: Hancock Middle/Senior High School
  • Ms. Carol Mowen: English Teacher: Boyd J. Michael, III Technical High School
  • Ms. Sarah Kendrick: Social Worker: Salem Avenue Elementary School
  • Ms. Shelby Wallace:  Math Teacher: Western Heights Middle School

WCPS Blueprint Committees 

WCPS Formed Blueprint Committees in summer of 2022 to begin work aligned with Blueprint. 

Early Learning (aligned with Pillar 1) 


The over-arching purpose of this committee is to work on building community capacity for 3-year-old pre-kindergarten with a focus on improving kindergarten readiness in literacy, mathematics, social emotional, physical development, and well-being.

  • Stephanie Angles, Birth-5 Special Education Teacher
  • Kara Burhans, Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
  • Jean Carroll Keyes, Community Member
  • Stacy Groct, Paraprofessional
  • Laura Harbaugh, Executive Director: Head Start
  • Kamini Heisler, Paraprofessional
  • Bridget Herbert, Pre-K Teacher
  • Gina Hoover, Lead Teacher: Early Learning
  • Jamie Jackson, Pre-K Teacher
  • Chrissy Kitchen, Community Member
  • Kelly Longerbeam, Coordinator for Early Learning
  • Dana Peake, Elementary Principal
  • Lauren Perry, Parent or Guardian
  • Bianca Pierre, Parent or Guardian
  • Stephanie Portillo, Community Member
  • Kim Ritchey, Community Pre-K Provider
  • Andrea Semler, Birth-5 Coordinator
  • Spencer Taylor, Elementary Lead Teacher
  • Gary Willow, Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

District Courses (aligned with Pillar 3)

The over-arching purpose of this committee is to explore the expansion and delivery of instruction in a synchronous manner at the high school level.

  • Kara Burhans, Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Comstock, Teacher
  • Jennifer Dane, Parent 
  • Jennifer Hayden, Parent 
  • Helen Huffer, Administrator
  • Kristen Kelly, Teacher
  • Kailey Ossanna, Community Member
  • Ryan Raley, Administrator
  • Jenny Rupenthal, Administrator
  • Lisa Scumpieru, Teacher
  • Bette Shifler, Community Member
  • Ann Shilling-Gwinnutt, Teacher
  • Joyce Shull, Community Member
  • Heath Wilcox, Director of Secondary Schools
  • Gary Willow, Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Grading Committee (aligned with Pillar 3)

The over-arching purpose of this committee is to review WCBOE Policy IKA, which includes grading, GPA & class rank.

  • Kara Burhans, Administrator
  • Mike Chilcutt, Administrator
  • Beth Downin, Teacher
  • Tim Eskridge, Administrator
  • Paul Fulk, Parent or Guardian
  • Denise Hunt, Administrator
  • Carol Mowen, Teacher
  • Jason Orendi, Teacher
  • Ladetra Robinson, Community Member
  • Laurel Thomas, Paraprofessional
  • Ashley Vascik, Teacher
  • Staci Wallech, Teacher
  • Tammy Watson, Parent or Guardian
  • Heath Wilcox, Administrator
  • Matthew Wilson, Community Member

Pathways Committee (aligned with Pillar 3) 

The over-arching purpose of this committee is to review Dual Credit, Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB), and Career Technology Education (CTE) pathways.

  • James Aleshire, Administrator
  • Ivania Amador, Parent or Guardian
  • Amanda Asaf, Parent or Guardian
  • Megan Burton, Administrator
  • Mike Chilcutt, Administrator
  • Yolanda Davis, Community Member
  • Ed Forrest, Community Member
  • Beckie Higgins-Arey, Teacher
  • DL Marriott, Administrator
  • Elizabeth McDonald, Teacher
  • Lauren Metz, Community Member
  • Wendy Moore, Administrator
  • Amanda Mulledy, Administrator
  • Kelley Rechtorovic, Community Member
  • Patty Roth, Teacher
  • Stephen Schawalder, Teacher

Supplemental Instruction Committee (aligned with Pillar 4)

The over-arching purpose of this committee is to review the required supplemental instruction pathways for students who are not college and career-ready in math and/or literacy.

  • Keith Allshouse, Administrator
  • Jen Bausman, Administrator
  • Sarah Bennett, Parent or Guardian
  • Brittany Boothe, Parent or Guardian
  • Stephanie Bougourd, Parent or Guardian
  • Dawn Cosentino, Paraprofessional
  • Kathleen Eck, Administrator
  • Anne Fults, Community Member
  • Starlene Hamilton, Teacher
  • Amy Hilderbrand, Teacher
  • Morgan Mitchell, Administrator
  • Jesse Orth, Teacher
  • Pam Ours, Teacher
  • Charity Scott, Parent or Guardian
  • Jessica Weitzel, Teacher